photo (1)David Ly is a writer and poet based in Vancouver, BC He holds a Bachelor of Arts in World Literature, English, and Creative Writing, and a Master of Publishing degree from Simon Fraser University.

Author photo by Erin Flegg.

His poetry has appeared in range of magazines and anthologies, including The Puritan, PRISM international, and The Temz Review.

His chapbook, Stubble Burn (Anstruther Press, 2018), has been noted by writer Kai Cheng Thom as poetry that speaks “… to the existential crises not only of queer people of colour, but of masculinity in general at a time when men of all kinds are being challenged to look within themselves and recognize both the monstrous and the divine that live there.” (PRISM international).

David’s full-length poetry collection Mythical Man will be published in Spring 2020 by Anstruther Books, an imprint of Palimpsest Press.